Ciminello’s creates many exceptional outdoor environments.
Its part of our effort to work with you to create an environment that reflects
your good taste and lifestyle.

We look forward to becoming your personal landscaping team.  Our primary focus is to meet the needs and desires of the owner while enhancing the beauty of your property.  The process begins with setting up an on site consultation with one of our designers where they will discuss your objectives and compile all information needed to begin the design process.

The designer will then complete an on site evaluation and survey of the property.  Once this information is in the hands of our skilled design team, a landscape plan will be prepared.  The plan will consist of a custom designed Autocadd drawing, a proposal and materials list.

The design team consists of designers with degrees in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture that are familiar with many types of plant and construction materials.  Not only will your material desires be met, but will be selected to fit your site conditions, budget and will maximize aesthetics through form and function.

Upon completion of your landscape plan the design team will be available for review.  This final review process can take place in the comfort of our design center conference room, at your home or online at our website where you can log into a secure page to view all documents and materials that pertain to your project.  Depending on your availability, project type and comfort level with the design process, one of these options can be chosen to better serve you.